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City Per Capita Tax

A per capita tax is a flat-rate tax levied upon each individual, eighteen years of age or older, residing with the taxing district. The tax has no connection with employment, income, voting rights, or any other factor except residence with the community. The per capita tax for the City of Beaver Falls is ten dollars per individual; the City per Capita tax is mailed in January of each year.

Per Capita Tax payment Schedule

$9.90, if paid in January or February
$10.00, if paid in March or April
$10.25, if paid after April 30th

Please return one copy of the Per Capita Tax bill along with your payment. Per Capita taxes not paid by April 15th of the following year are turned over to Berkheimer Associates, (800) 360-8989, for delinquent collection.

City Real Estate Tax

City of Beaver Falls Real Estate Tax is mailed out around February 1st each year.

The fee schedule is as follows

2% Discount: February 1st thru March 31st
Face: April 1st thru May 31st
10% Penalty: June 1st

Property taxes not paid by March 31st of the following year are turned over to the Tax Claim Bureau at the Beaver County Courthouse, (724) 728-5700, for delinquent collection.

Earned Income & Local Tax

The Earned Income and the Act 205 Taxes are collected by Berkheimer Tax Administrator. All inquiries contact their office. The Local Services Tax (LST) is collected by Berkheimer Tax Administrator. All Inquiries contact their office.

Mercantile & Business Privilege Tax

If you own a business in the City of Beaver Falls, you must register your business with the City of Beaver Falls Treasurer’s Office. The rates are levied upon the gross receipts for the privilege of doing business with the City as follows:

Mercantile License: $50.00 per calendar year for retail and $50.00 for wholesale; $75.00 for both retail and wholesale.
Mercantile Tax Rate: 1.5 mills retail; 1 mill wholesale (paid quarterly)
Business Privilege: 3 mills (paid annually)

Contact Administration & Finance

Contact Administration & Finance

Chief Financial Officer
Sandy Wilkins
(724) 847-2808 x227

Finance Office
(724) 847-2808 x202

715 15th Street
Beaver Falls, PA 15010